5 Important Things Your Kids Should Consider When Choosing a College

Choosing the right college to attend isn’t just about considering the major subjects available, quality of teaching, and learning facilities.

Since most students will attend college for four years and it becomes their new home, there’s a lot to think about including the quality of life, safety levels, jobs available, local amenities and much more.

If your kid is in the process of deciding which college to apply to for their degree, here are some of the main factors to consider as they research your options:

1. Safety

With increasing stories of assault, robbery, and other crimes occurring on college campuses, the last thing that any student wants is to put themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

Before choosing which colleges to apply to, it is worth taking a look at the safety measures that are in place and looking at the local crime rates to ensure that it is somewhere they are going to feel comfortable living and studying, especially if they are going to be a long way from home.

You can help your children by doing some research and find out where the safest college campuses in the US are, so they can ultimately make the best-educated decision. 

2. Housing

Many students will live on-campus for their first year of study in student accommodation. It’s worth checking out the accommodation that is offered and make sure that it’s suitable for your child.

While most students are happy to share a bathroom or even a room with a fellow student, they might not want to live somewhere that is run-down or poses a health hazard.

Check out the student houses available in the area too and don’t forget to consider rental prices. 

3. Jobs

Many students will get a part-time job to help cover the cost of their education and provide them with extra spending money while getting their degree.

If this is something that your offspring is planning to do, then it’s worth looking into the local area around the college to see if there is anywhere suitable for them to work.

If they are currently working and want to continue working for the same company, it’s worth finding out if their employer has anywhere in other locations that they might be able to get a transfer to. 

4. Cost of Living

Depending on your and your child’s financial situation, the cost of living in the area might be a key factor for them to consider when deciding which college to attend.

Consider how much it is going to cost them for expenses such as rent and bills, plus food and other essentials while they are living there.

In addition, if they plan to come back home to visit their family on a regular basis, think about how much this is going to cost them for gas or public transport.

If they have a car, don’t forget to factor in the potential cost of parking at their residence. 

5. Local Amenities

Finally, consider what is available in the area and if they have everything that they need. Consider necessities such as doctor’s offices, dentists, hospitals, and stores.

If they don’t have a car, consider a college campus that is within close walking distance of the essential services and stores that they are going to use on a regular basis, or choose somewhere that has a good and reliable public transport system that they can take advantage of as a student. 

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