The Benefits and Challenges of Single Parent Families

Being a single parent is never easy and there are days when you may be questioning whether or not this situation is good for your child.

To be honest, there are challenges that come with being a single-parent family but they can all be overcome. There are also some amazing benefits you probably haven’t even thought about!

I started parenthood as a single mom and had no idea what to expect. As the years go on, I can definitely see the advantages I have being the sole parent to my beautiful daughter.

Yet, as I mentioned, there are pitfalls as well. However, no parenting situation is absolutely perfect!

Here are some challenges and benefits you may face as a single parent:

The Challenges of a Single Parent Family

Money May Be Tight

When you are a single parent trying to raise your children, money may be tight when you only have one income.

However, there are many government programs available to help single parents such as child tax credits and daycare subsidies.

Mental Overload

Raising kids all on your own means that you are responsible for everything. There is no second parent to bear the load of everyday life.

This can be taxing mentally but, with routine and consistency, is it possible to live a less stressed life as a single parent.


Single parents don’t have a lot of time to worry about dating and spending the majority of time with little humans may have you feeling lonely.

Make sure you take time to hang out with your friends and other adults. Eventually, as your children grow, you will find time to socialize and meet new people!


When it comes to disciplining your children, being a single parent means that you have no backup. Plus, with the busy life and exhaustion you are likely experiencing, you may find yourself dropping the ball altogether when it comes to discipline.

Sense of Loss

Without their other parent present in their life, your children may feel a sense of loss. Even if they do see their other parent on a regular basis, not having a cohesive family unit may start to negatively impact their emotions.

However, children from single-parent families statistically do not end up any worse than children from “normal” families. They may simply face more bumps in the road as they grow into adulthood.

The Benefits of a Single Parent Family

Control Over Parenting Decisions

Without another parent in the household, you are in charge of parenting decisions in your home. While your ex may have their own rules when they have the children, you are in control.

Also, you don’t have to worry about someone else overturning your decisions! And, if something doesn’t work out, you won’t have to deal with the frustration of expecting someone else to help you.

Financial Control

When you’re a single parent, you also have total control over your money. You get to decide how to spend it and how to use it to take care of your children.

Plus, when you have a surplus, there’s no conferring with another party as to how you are going to spend it. You can treat yourself, treat your kids, or put it away in a savings account.


There’s something empowering about developing independence and, in a single-parent family, you and your children are going to develop this amazing skill.

Because your time as one person is limited, your children are going to learn more responsibility around the home. This is going to benefit them greatly once they reach adulthood.

Responsibility creates independence which creates self-confidence – a benefit for everyone involved!

Less Conflict

Single-parent families happen for many reasons but they are most commonly caused by a breakdown in the relationship.

When you decide to go it alone as a parent instead of staying together for the sake of your children, you eliminate conflict from their lives.

While they may still see you argue with your ex-partner from time to time (I mean, we’re human after all), they will not bear witness to constant arguing and grow up in a toxic environment.

Sense of Community

Single parents, for the most part, need to rely on the support of others to help alleviate the stresses of parenthood. For your children, this helps them experience a sense of community and develop empathy.

Doing What’s Best For Your Child

No matter the type of family in which you are raising your child, being a good parent means doing what is best for your child in every situation.

So, being a single parent is not a poor parenting decision. You can still be an amazing parent while doing it on your own!

Children will not suffer from growing up in a single-parent family. In fact, as I mentioned, they may end up developing some very important life skills.

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  1. Zachary Tomlinson says

    I never knew that raising a child as a single parent gives you independent control over everything in your life including money. I heard a rumor that my colleague is considering the idea of divorce before her child is even born. I know it’s not in my place to suggest but she might be better off as a single mother in the future.

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