Having a Bad Day? 15 Ways to Get Through It

We all have bad days, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult to deal with them. “Sleep it off” is advice that is easier said than done. If you don’t take the time to de-stress and clear your mind, those problems are simply going to follow you into the next day.

Here are 15 ways you can help manage your stress and release the tension from your bad day before it ruins the next one:

1 Encourage Yourself

It’s okay to talk yourself through a stressful situation. Repeated phrases out loud such as “I’m going to be okay,” and, “I can get through this,” can help to solidify the idea that your bad day will eventually end.

2 Give Yourself a Break

When you find yourself trying to work through a difficult tasks or situation, give yourself a moment to step away. Not only will this help reduce your frustration but it will also give you the opportunity to rethink the situation.

3 Journal Your Feelings

Something our thoughts get so jumbled in our heads that we can’t make sense of anything. You’d be surprised how clearly those thoughts start to make sense when you begin writing them down.

4 Vent to a Friend

Letting it all out to someone you know and trust can be extremely cathartic. Warn your friend that you are about to vent and talk through your stresses and problems.

5 Acknowledge Your Thoughts

Even if your thoughts are negative, don’t ignore them. Instead, challenge them by questioning whether or not they are accurate. Try to counter those thoughts with something positive.

6 Take a Shower

Just like a shower washes dirt from your body, it can also wash negativity from your day. As you have a shower, imagine all the worries and stresses from the day washing down the drain.

7 De-Stress

Easier said than done, but this means finding any activity that relaxes and calms you. It could be the common bath and good book or something that focuses your mind like a puzzle or crocheting.

8 Go for a Walk

Sometimes you just need to get out the house and get some fresh air. Walking can be a great stress reliever, especially if you take the time to meditate while you do so.

9 Have a Good Cry

It’s okay to just let the tears flow. Crying is a great way to release pent up frustration and stress.

10 Eat a Comfort Food

While I’m not saying to dive into a bucket of ice cream every time you’re stressed, indulging in a food you enjoy every one and a while can help to alleviate tension. Just don’t go overboard.

11 Get Physical

Getting your body moving can help to ease stress and clear your mind. Try going for a run or finding a workout video on YouTube that you can do at home.

12 Have a Drink

I don’t mean to hit the bottle whenever you are having a bad day. Sometimes a warm drink like hot chocolate or tea can soothe your soul.

13 Meditate

Taking a moment to calm your mind can do wonders for calming your day. Find a quiet spot, get comfortable and take a few deep breaths. As thoughts come to you, acknowledge them and then let them go. Even 5 minutes of meditation can make a difference in your day.

14 Watch a Show or Movie

Turn on Netflix and find yourself a classic or comedy that makes you laugh. It’s okay to distract yourself from your problems for a little bit.

15 Go For a Drive

Driving is such a quiet and isolated activity – which makes it the perfect thing to do after a rough day. Crank the tunes, scream, cry, whatever you need to do to let go of stress.

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