5 Luxury Mallorca Villas for a Romantic Getaway

Mallorca – the ultra-beautiful highlight of the Mediterranean. It is painted in sunlight and warm summer vibes with its astounding beaches, serene mountains, calling scenes, and rich soulful towns.

A perfect hideout for a romantic evening, a memory to cherish, and a place to feast your soul, Mallorca offers several villas that can give you lasting memories. 

Here are the top 5 luxurious Mallorca villas to spend some quality vacations with your special someone:

Agroturismo Filicumis

If you’re truly into greenery, this is the place for you! With almost 80 acres of lush green almond, olive, and orange trees, this villa is a treat for your soul.

It has a square shape and stands around a patio that offers a scenic view for a peaceful getaway. 

Filicumis has five apartments, each of which has its own charm. While they vary in sizes and capacity, they all feature all-white spacious rooms with high ceilings and wooden beams to add a warm touch.

The outdoors have the right view to enjoy your perfect romantic evening

Belmond La Residencia

The ever-sparkling village of Deià, this beautiful living space proudly sits on 30 acres of orchards, gardens, and terraces. The entire villa is a reflection of the ancient architecture of Mallorca with everlasting fittings and furnishings.

Most of the furniture comprises of antique masterpieces that satisfy your inner tourist eye. 

The gardens are surrounded by stone walls covered with lime trees that are a signature of Mallorca. This villa boasts off several art pieces made by locals. 

C’as Curial

Looking for a garden full of fruits? C’as Curial has got you covered.

Featuring beautiful trees of lemons, clementine, and oranges, this lodge is unique in its own way. The exterior lets you enjoy the scenic views of Tramuntana natural park.

The interior is designed in the English style with 8 double rooms and a small cottage that is fully furnished.

Moreover, you can easily access the beaches and the ever-charming Soller village. 

If you wish for a tranquil vacation, this spot has everything you need to spend some memorable time. 

Ca sa Padrina

For people with an eye for antiques, this place is the right choice.

Renovated from an ancient Manor house, this villa proudly boasts of traditional designs and roomy entrance. The two floors are uniquely decorated with antique furniture pieces.

You can enjoy cooking your favourite meals in the fully furnished kitchen.

Overall, it perfectly blends modern age with a historical atmosphere and can easily host up to 8 guests. 

Ca’n Isabel

Half hidden among the fascinating Soller’s cobbled lanes, Ca’n Isabel is a home dating back to the 19th century. Its owners have uniquely decorated this place with charming art pieces that drive you back to historical times.

There’s a beautiful garden drenched in blooming flowers where you can enjoy breakfast. You can easily travel to Palma de Mallorca via electric train in an hour or so.

Overall, this place is magical and ancient and gives you the vibes of old green towns. 

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