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Covering Men’s Issues for the Male of Today..

Is It the Blues or Depression?
Do these symptoms describe you as a depressed man?

Outcomes and Actions

When it comes to actions and outcomes, men can choose  one,  but they have to accept the other.

Calling  "Real Men"
It is time for "real men" to wake up and help themselves solve a national health crisis, both of body and mind.

Non-Custody Dad
You are a man and a father who cares a lot about his children. How do you maintain a deep, loving bond with them?

The Abused Male
In our society we think of women as the victims and men as the aggressors in physical abuse. Is this true? Unfortunately abuse of males is rampant here.

His Rules
from my friend Tom
A man writes "the rules."

Male of Style
Whether we like it or not, ours is definitely a society of packaging. As much as we all deserve to be taken on our own merits, we are attracted  or repelled by the plumage people display. The male of style is well-packaged and knows that first impressions count!

Lean and Mean
Your lean and mean wardrobe starts in your own closet. Pitch it out!

Men of Style: Nail Care

Men of style, first and foremost, have clean nails! This is part of a professional and masculine image for both single and married men. First impressions do count!

Male of Style: Hair Care 
First impressions do count! Men of style have clean hair and a good haircut! This is part of a professional and masculine image for both single and married men. But it goes further than this…

The woman of your dreams stands before you in a sizzling red teddy. She kisses you passionately and beckons you to the bedroom. Your pulse quickens; all systems are go. But then your rocket launcher sinks into a mass of quivering, useless Jell-O.  You’re shocked. You’ve heard of this, but it’s certainly never happened to you before…

Setting Limits in Relationships
All relationships need limits whether they are friendships, sibling relations, mate/lovers, business relations, etc. All limit setting means saying "no." When men have long-term feelings of resentment, anger, manipulation,  being treated as unimportant, etc., they probably need to set some limits!

Attitudes and Behaviors
Attitudes control behaviors and outcomes for men. Henry  Ford said, "If you think you can or you think you  can’t, you’re right!" Attitudes make self-fulfilling prophecies.

Your Wife Is Breast Feeding
If you are like I was, you often have a little twinge of jealousy, followed by an instant feeling of guilt, when you first see your wife breastfeeding. The pros and cons of breast feeding from one man’s point of view.

The Man in the Glass Your final judgment comes from the man in the glass.

Men Talk — Women Talk
But do they talk together?
Where is your relationship?

Fathering a Daughter
Fathers foster the very things they hope to avoid for their girl by raising a daughter who is Daddy’s little girl.

Life, Reality, Change, Choices
The more I believed that people just wanted things from me, the less I offered anyone. I changed and took another road.  I stopped trying to make the things happen in my life that I thought were best and LET things happen. I became satisfied.

To Be or Not to Be
Can Men Choose Fatherhood?

Women can choose abortion. Can men choose to walk away from fatherhood?

Yeah, Viagra
Enter Viagra®. A touchdown for males and their female partners everywhere. In 80% of the cases  erectile dysfunction is not psychological in origin. And in many of the 80%, Viagra can help.

What is Intimacy?
Men all want to be around people they can relate to and be intimate with. This is most important in the areas men are most interested in. Anyone can share sexual intimacies but only an individual man can offer this unique intimacy.

Life is a Series of Choices for Men
Men choose to be happy, unhappy, successful, failure, loved, unloved. In fact, life itself is driven by  choices, whether business or personal.

Q & A
Letters, questions, and answers addressing men’s issues from readers/surfers.

Sports: Getting started.

As you can imagine I anxious to get back into my jeans after having a baby.

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5 Interesting Facts About Ian Somerhalder

Information about getting started in various sports, leisure time, and recreational activities for men.

Silent Contracts
Brides and grooms enter marriage surrounded by silent contracts, some of which they know nothing about. Yet those contracts can sabotage any marriage. Talk it out first!

Dad, Can I Have a Dime?
Pete came home from work last Monday,  glad to be home, but as tired as usual. Just wanting to rest and read the paper for a minute or two before tackling the homefront and listening to the kids chatter.

Men Raising a Strong, Happy Daughter
The dos and don’ts of raising a daughter for men.

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