Abuse: Emotional, mental, verbal, psychological, and physical abuse as it applies to men, women, children, and pregnant women. Mental, emotional, psychological, and verbal abuse often turns into physical abuse. 

Verbal, Emotional, Psychological, Mental, and Physical Abuse

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Females and Abuse: Mental/Verbal/Emotional abuse in women.

Abuse in General: No matter how guilty you feel, you did not cause your abuse!!!

Male Abuse: Abuse of men is more common than you think. Often this abuse is not reported. 

Abuse: Is it Dominance or Love? Make no mistake: Abusers are controllers, not lovers!

Mental Abuse: Are you being mentally/emotionally/verbally/psychologically abused?

Verbal Abuse Try this exercise to determine if you are being verbally abused.

The Double Message of Verbal Abuse Verbal abuse is the language of control; it is not the language of love.

Depression: Depression is a common part of abuse. Check out the symptoms.

Exercise: An exercise to help you determine if you are being verbally abused.

Abuse in Pregnancy: Abuse is common in pregnancy!

Physical Abuse: A Quiz about physical abuse!

Physical Abuse: Women and physical abuse.

Stock Answers of Abusers.

Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse

"I Love You, But..." Declaration of love, manipulation, power play, or verbal abuse?

Teens Who Batter: Childhood bullies often turn into teen-aged batterers.

Abuse Can Lead to Spousal Death or Murder: Signs of a Potential Spouse Killer

White House Abuse? Is Hillary Clinton guilty of domestic violence?

Sigh One woman looks at the abusive man and husband in her life from her marriage 12 years ago to present.

Abuse of Elderly Abuse of the elderly ranges from neglect to exploitation to actual physical abuse.

Abuse and Healing: Can an abuser actually be mentally ill? Schizophrenia is not one condition or disease but is a group of symptoms. It can include abusive behavior to others.


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Mental, emotional, psychological and verbal abuse are hard to recognize. They often turn into physical abuse. Physical abuse always escalates.

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