abuse, abuses, abused, abusing

abuse, abuses, abused, abusing

Directory of Abuse Web


Abuse Can Lead to Spousal Death or Murder:

Abuse: Is it Dominance or Love?

"I Love You, But…" Abuse

Females & Verbal Abuse


Three Monkeys & Abuse

Abuse in General

Mental Abuse

Male Abuse

Sigh Abuse

Abuse in Pregnancy

Teens Who Batter/Abuse

Physical Abuse & Women

Physical Abuse Quiz

Book Review: Abused Men

Depression and Abuse

Reviews: Verbal Abuse

Abuse Questions

Letters from Readers

Verbal Abuse Exercise

Signs of Child Abuse

Speaking Out Female Abuse

Speaking Out Male Abuse

Double Message Verbal Abuse

Update on Male Abuse by Females

PhysicalAbuse of Females

Questions forthe Physically Abused

PoemAbout Abuse

Abused Men

Mental Abuse:Blow to Self-Esteem

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